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Hunting hotel

Our Hunting Hotel is a truly exceptional place from which all hunters return home extremely satisfied and with a gastronomic experience. We use the hunting hotel for larger groups of hunters, especially for groups that come to the driven hunt. The hotel has an excellent restaurant, where our hunting guests are served mainly specialties from the game. The large social trophy room with a huge fireplace is a great place to spend time together before and after the hunt, where hunters can enjoy draft beer or quality Slovak wines from local winemakers. After hunting, a hot tub or sauna is available for hunters.

Wellness hotel

We use this hotel especially for large groups for driven hunt, when we hunt mainly in the areas of central Slovakia. The wellness hotel is known mainly for its spaciousness and hunters have a large number of rooms available. The hotel restaurant is really excellent and we serve hunters mainly Slovak specialties and game specialties. The big advantage is the quality wellness, where you will find a large swimming pool, whirlpool but also several types of saunas, which are an excellent choice after cold hunting days.


We use this and similar pensions for hunters who take part in individual hunting and it is ideal for individuals or large groups (8-10 hunters). It includes an excellent restaurant and bar, where hunters spend time together before and after the hunt. The advantage of these pensions is that they are located directly or near of the hunting area, so hunters have the hunting area very close. Guiders go for the hunters straight to pensions, from where they continue for hunting.

Hunting lodges

Accommodation at our hunting lodges is accommodation right in the heart of the hunting place. It is for hunters who want to enjoy a real hunting experience and spend all their time in hunting areas. All our hunting lodges are very clean and most of them are new buildings. Electricity, water, toilets and heating are a matter of course and there is also a washing machine, TV and WI-FI. Hunters who are accommodated in hunting lodges eat by themselves or have the opportunity to order a private chef who will cook for them throughout their stay.


From & back to airport

For all hunters who arrive by air, we will wait at the airport, from where we will comfortably transport them to the accommodation. For large groups (driven hunt) we use large 46 - seats buses, which are available for hunters throughout the trip. For small groups, we use cars or minivans for transport. We recommend Budapest (1.5 - 2.5 hours) and Vienna (1 - 2.5 hours) as arrival airports.

Transport during the hunt

The groups that come to the driven hunt are moved on a large 46-seas bus during thewhole trip,. However, directly in the hunting areas, they move to their stands on big off-road trucks or off-road vehicles. We move hunters who hunt in an individual way of hunting during their entire stay on off-road vehicles.


Part of our hotels and guesthouses are excellent restaurants that prepare for our hunters Slovak specialties, especially from game. For large groups, meals are prepared in the form of buffets, and smaller group of hunters can order meals of their choice. In our restaurants there is an quality Slovak draft beer and a wide range of wines directly from local winemakers.


For groups of hunters, staying in the hunting area at the hunting lodge, we have prepared a private chef who cooks for hunters mainly specialties from the game, but also other dishes of Slovak cuisine. If the group orders a private chef, the price includes a full board during the entire stay, a limited amount of alcoholic beverages and also a wine tasting or a barel of Slovak draft beer.


Slovakia is a country with beautiful nature, with many historic towns full of monuments and wellness hotels with healing water and quality services. Therefore, it is possible to combine your hunting trip with a family vacation and we will prepare a program full of experience for your families with children. Write us all your special requirements on CONTACT FORM and together we will plan a holiday according to your ideas.


After the hunt, we take care of our customers trophies. If you choose a simple preparation (boiling - whitening), in most cases you can take your trophy immediately after your trip to home. If you are interested in the preparation of a trophy in the skin (shoulder mount, full body mount), our team will prepare and preserve the skin and trophies and we will send them directly to your home in a short time. You can also use the services of our experienced taxidermist, who will create beautiful trophies in skin for you and then we will send them to you ready-made, ready for the wall, within a few weeks.


Hunting with us is safe and always very well controlled, but it is still hunting in the wild and therefore it is important to have good insurance. With us, you have insurance included in the price, which protects you in the event of unexpected events. The price includes, of course, all documents and permits to hunt in our country, as well as an invitation list. We only require a valid passport (or ID CARD) and a valid hunting license from hunter´s home country.


If you are hunting with us, is not just about shooting and hanging trophies on the wall in the house. From the beginning, we have been a supporter that hunting should be about experience, and therefore during hunting we follow all Slovak hunting traditions and habits, which they passed on from generation to generation. It is important for us that, like the hunter, the hunted game also receives its last honor. It is also important to sit with a glass of good wine after the hunt and exchange hunting experiences with another hunters. After all, this is what hunting tours are about.
Tomáš Melich

Dear hunters,

From my experience,
I know that true hunters come to hunt for adventure.

The trophy on the wall is just the tip of the iceberg in the sea, underneath which hide memories, adventures, and an unforgettable story.

Tomáš Melich

CEO / executive manager

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