HUNT IN SLOVAKIA is a Slovak hunting company that organizes and completely arranges hunting trips in Slovakia. The basis of a successful hunting trip is for hunters to hunt in the right location, to have comfortable accommodation with quality services and to spend time in the presence of professional hunters who can give them their dream hunting experience. It is this combination that we provide to our hunters and it is a reason, why customers are returning to us every year and their satisfaction is our best reference.

Due to the fact that Slovakia is a country of beautiful hilly and forest places full of various species of game, our hunters can hunt with us throughout the year. Members of our team monitor the situation in our hunting areas and accordingly we can choose the right location for our hunting guests, where they will hunt their life trophy. Our hunters hunt on more than 60,000 hectares from flat hunting places in the south of the country to the rocky mountains of central Slovakia.

You can find out more about hunting in each hunting offer individually. During the year, we issue various special and advantageous offers, which our NEWSLETTER can inform you about, if you register with your email address. In the location of our hunting places there are many spa cities that have quality wellness, but you will also find historic towns, cultural monuments and castles, as well as destinations suitable for trips with children. For such purposes, you can use our CONTACT FORM in the contact section, where you can plan the hunt according to your ideas with your family, or if you have any other questions.

When you hunt with us, our company will provide you with complete care. We will provide you with the necessary documents for hunting in our country, we will create safe insurance, we will take care of your comfortable transport from the airport and back to the airport, transport during the hunt, accommodation, excellent food etc. During the hunting trip, hunters are accommodated in a beautiful hunting hotel or in luxury hunting chalets directly in the hunting area, which you can see in the "SERVICES" section.

Excellent food and related services are an integral part of a quality hunting trip. Our hunting hotel includes an excellent restaurant and of course there is a lobby bar and a private living room with a large fireplace, where hunters spend time together and enjoy traditional Slovak wines and draft beer. Groups staying in hunting lodges in forest have the opportunity to use the services of our private chef, who cooks traditional Slovak dishes and game specialties on the spot.

After the end of the hunting trip, our company will provide you with the comfort of trophies directly to you. We send all trophies to hunters either in a state ready for further preparation, or already in a prepared state, when you just hang the trophy on the wall. All our clients are very satisfied with the many years of experience of our taxidermist.

It is only in your hands which of our offers you choose. We look forward to your visit and wish you LOVU ZDAR!

Tomáš Melich

Dear hunters,

From my experience,
I know that true hunters come to hunt for adventure.

The trophy on the wall is just the tip of the iceberg in the sea, underneath which hide memories, adventures, and an unforgettable story.

Tomáš Melich

CEO / executive manager

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