Red deer hunting in SLOVAKIA – season 2020

Red deer hunting in SLOVAKIA – season 2020

Red deer hunting in SLOVAKIA – season 2020

Hunting period: 1.8. – 31.1.
Best period: 1.9. – 30.9. (mating season)
Group of hunters: 2 – 5

The combination of hunting with: Mouflon, Fallow deer, Wild boar, Females and young of deers, Foxes
Distance from the airport: 250km from Wien, 150 from Bratislava

Basic price:

5 days / 3 full hunting days (min 6x outing)
890 €
4 days / 2 full hunting days (min 4x outing)
750 €
120 €

Customers also have the option of hunting on day of arrival from the airport and also on the day of departure at the airport - it depends on the arrival and departure of the airpalne. This service is included in the basic  price.

Price list

RED DEER Weight of trophyEUREUR / 10 gr


4,00 kg

1000,00 €



4,00 kg

1000,00 €

+ 4 €


5,00 kg

1400,00 €

+ 5,60 €


6,00 kg

1960,00 €

+ 9,00 €


7,00 kg

2860,00 €

+ 11,30 €


8,00 kg

3990,00 €

+ 13,50 €


9,00 kg

5340,00 €

+ 16,90 €


10,00 kg

7030,00 €

+ 22,80 €



100 €




700 €


Price is including

  • Organization of hunt
  • Proffesional stalker
  • Hotel or luxury guest house with restaurant
  • Wellness
  • Breakfast
  • Transport in hunting areas
  • Transport from airport and back (Budapest 100 km, Wien 250km)
  • Translator to English language

Price is not including

  • Tickets
  • Meals and drinks from the bar
  • Single room 20€ / per night
  • Trophy whitening (boiling) (80€) or Preparation

RED DEER ruth is a period of mating red deer. It starts at the end August - September and lasts until the end of September. Throuhg the nature you can hear strong roaring by the horny deer. It is this unique sound that symbolizes. Then it's the best time to hunt, because you can choose the strongest and most beautiful deer you imagine. When you hear deer roaring a few tens of meters away, you feel that this sound is going through your whole body. Your heart starts banging, your adrenaline gets into your blood and you can't wait to see it. It's like a drug. Once you experience it, you can't get enough of it and it still pulls you into the forest.

If there is an even stronger moment than the roaring deer, it is a duel of deer for females. You will experience all this with us if you come to hunting red deer in mating period.

This hunting can be combined - after catching a red deer, you have the opportunity to hunt females an young of deers, or other trophy game according to the price list.

The Customers can fly to nearby Budapest (1.5 hours by car to the hunting area) or Vienna (2.5 hours by car to the hunting area). We pick up our clients at the airport and take them directly to the hotel, which is usually close to hunting areas (max. 10 min with car) or directly in the hunting area.

We have more accommodation options - it depends on the location where the deer will be hunted, but all the accommodation has an excellent restaurant where clients can dine during the day and excellent wellness. The customers are staying in double rooms - if customer is interested in staying in the room alone, it is possible.

Nonbinding order

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The order becomes binding after the corporate communication and after your confirmation.

Dear customers,

I am looking forward to your visit, where you will experience an unforgettable hunt on the capital red stag during the rut, the strong mouflon in the beautiful rocky mountains, the wildboars at driven hunts, but also many other game species that you will find in our offer. Your satisfaction tells about us everything.

JUDr. Tomáš Melich

executive manager

Slovakia - heart of Europe

The northest point of Carpathian mountains.

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