Guest House near to forest

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The guest house is situated at the edge of the forest. The restaurant has the capacity of about 40 people. You can enjoy traditional cuisine with a good draft beer. You can choose from one bed, two beds rooms or apartment.

Hunting Guest-house

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In this hunting guest-house you can enjoy and admire beautiful collection of trophies. During your stay you can taste various dishes prepared from deers or wildboars. After good food and nice view from this guest-house which ich on the top of the hills, you have time for relax in the guest-house wellness. 

Julian´s Court

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The guest house Julkin dvor is a good choice. Here is an opportunity to eat well, accommodation and spent time in a nature at the same. Restaurant has the capacity of about 80 seats. Great chefs will make you sure you like their food. Whether you choose Slovak or Hungarian specialities.

Julian´s Hunting Challet

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The cottage has available 5 rooms and the total capacity is 11 beds. Every rooms are equipped with special modern furniture. There are 2 bathrooms and 3 toiletes which are also furnished very well. Balcony si on the second floor from which is beautiful view of the surrounding nature.  

Luxury Guest House

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Wellness Guest House

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Beautiful region in the heart of Slovakia. The area can offer not only nice accommodation and wellness, but also tasty meal which is prepared on the traditions of their ,,native region“. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds.

Wellness Hotel

Wellness Hotel - A_8fe7713dc744f0d4050ac839c64be83b
Wellness Hotel - 19397107_10155630094653814_2691702848021594520_n_5f6b9632dede1bb9c265ec781dae1d1a
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Access to guests is highly personal and friendly, supported by the family atmosphere of the guest house. Staff try to satisfy the needs of every sigle guest. There is possible to relax and regenerate the body in the wellness and spa centrum.

Dear customers,

I am looking forward to your visit, where you will experience an unforgettable hunt on the capital red stag during the rut, the strong mouflon in the beautiful rocky mountains, the wildboars at driven hunts, but also many other game species that you will find in our offer. Your satisfaction tells about us everything.

JUDr. Tomáš Melich

executive manager

Slovakia - heart of Europe

The northest point of Carpathian mountains.

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